When it comes to selling your home, one of the MOST important aspects is marketing it correctly to potential buyers. With the ever-changing online landscape and demographic behaviour, there are now more methods for selling property than every before. Every property and every buyer is different – your agent needs to asses your situation when creating a marketing strategy, and then discuss these with you for any requests you might have. It’s helpful to work with an agent who knows your local area back to front. If they have experience dealing with buyers in the area, they will be able to nail your campaign and  highlight the details of your property and neighbourhood.

Irresistible Photos

Property buyers spend a lot of time scrolling through listings online, and the cover photo of your listing has to grab their attention. Professional photography is arguably the most important part of sparking initial interest. This photo will likely be the first impression someone has of your house, and can massively impact whether they choose to view it in person or not.


Professional Video

Video now accounts for 74% of internet traffic and I highly recommended it when marketing your property. A picture paints a thousand words – and a video is a thousand pictures! Buyers process visuals 60% faster than anything else, which is why video is such a great way to capture attention in today’s marketplace.

A stylish, modern and sleek video featuring your agent and walking buyers through the home can help buyers feel much more comfortable contacting your agent.



Buyers process visuals 60% faster than anything else!




Digital Marketing

The online environment has drastically changed the way people marketing their homes. The internet can be accessed anywhere at anytime, and changes can be made instantly. It’s basically a real estate shopfront that never closes. Over 80% of buyers use online as their #1 method for finding properties – therefore, leveraging that is paramount to your marketing success!

Now – the obvious downside, is that there are so many new listings promoted online every single day. Knowing how to stand out is critical – otherwise you’ll get lost in the crowd. To make sure you do stand out, have an agent that deeply understands how important presentation is, and also someone that understands how a buyer thinks. Your listing should be impressive with professional photos and outstanding copy.

As well as showing up in search engines, a good real estate agent should have a big database of potential buyers who they’ve already spoken to. All it takes is that one buyer who is super-keen for a property and has missed out on previous opportunities. Your property could be the one!  Agents with an active network are also engaged in the community and know how your target market, allowing you to have an even stronger listing.  

To rank higher, see if your agent has access to ‘feature property’ listings. This allows you to get some preference over other properties in the area – and with the amount of new listings going up each day, you want to consider all options to make sure your property doesn’t get ignored!


Social Media

In the same glove as online marketing, social media has exploded for real estate. With laser-targeted Facebook and Instagram ads, you are able to send your property to the exact people who might be interested. For example you can target people who live in East Brisbane, who are renting, have expressed interest in moving and have an income over $150,000+ a year. How good is that?

If you have an agent that understands and leverages social media (particularly Facebook & Instagram) you can radically increase your chances of getting hot buyers. I take pride in studying and implementing all things social media – so if you have any questions, feel free to reach out!


Over 80% of buyers use online as their #1 method for finding properties



Just because it’s old school, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work! Whilst online marketing is definitely the dominant force in 2017, traditional methods like signboards can still drive enquiries from traffic. Just make sure it stands out with engaging, colourful artwork.

The best way it to have large, colourful and appeal photos. Choose ones that showcase your home’s best features, and invite people who are strolling by to learn more about what you have to offer. Signboard can also have irresistible headlines that get quick attention, with little snippets to tell prospects about your home.


Print Marketing

Offline media like print has become less and less effective as almost everyone now uses online as their #1 platform. However – not all print marketing is useless. A talented agent will be able to give their local area appealing printed material to let the public know of updates and sales on a regular basis.

I hope this information was useful to you! If you’d like a hand choosing what’s best for your situation, feel free to reach out any time on 0434 099 190. Also, if you’d like a free guide on 7 Simple Hacks to Increase Your Home’s Value Before Selling, download your free copy here. Happy selling!


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